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The Queen Year

We are story gatherers.

We are story writers.

We are storytellers.

This is the work that has been chosen and bestowed upon us in this world, so that is what we busy ourselves to do. It’s equal parts passion, calling and vocation. But this, the Queen Year, is the manifestation of a question we’ve had stowed away in our minds.

What happens when you spend an entire year telling the stories of a place? It could be any place, but for us and for this year it’s Charlotte because that’s our place.

What happens when you go to every corner of the city to tell the world about the little bits of magic in the lives and stories of the people that make up said city?

From this point forward, when someone says they are ready to tell their story in a big, bold and intentional way….just know that they are ready for their Queen Year.

Let’s find out.

The Queen Year is a community storytelling project anchored by 4 stage shows starting in September 2023. Stay locked in with us on Instagram, Facebook or by joining our ListServ for all the ways we’re harnessing story in The Queen Year.

Theatrical Productions

We’re announcing a series of theatrical productions that tell this city’s stories.

Community Events

We’re bringing the stories to you, and helping our community learn the power in leveraging your own story.

Speaking Engagements & Appearances

Catch Epoch Tribe hosting, speaking and performing.

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