Epoch Tribe Partners with The Doll Lab at UW for Black Women’s Health Care Focus Groups

Black people are almost twice as likely to die of endometrial cancer within 5 years of their diagnosis compared to their White counterparts.

One main reason for this difference is that Black people are more likely to be diagnosed at advanced stages when cancer has already spread. Dr. Kemi Doll and the team at the Doll Lab at the University of Washington is attempting to change the way Black people are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

Overall, the study at the Doll Lab aims to identify new approaches that can lead to earlier diagnosis of endometrial cancer work for Black people at risk. Their goal is to make sure that the new approaches used by clinicians are created and put into practice in a way that reflects the perspectives, experiences, and needs of all Black people at risk for endometrial cancer.

Epoch Tribe was engaged by the Doll Lab to host a series of focus groups in North Carolina and nationally to gather stories of Black women’s real life experiences with abnormal bleeding, and in the reporting, diagnoses and treatment of these symptoms by their healthcare providers. Two in-person focus groups in Durham and Charlotte, NC included catered meals, decor and take home gifts.

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