Shardae Hasan, M.Ed.

Hannah Hasan, MFA

Epoch Tribe is a Black woman-owned and operated production & consulting company that honors and illuminates the stories of Black people. Founded by North Carolina sisters, Hannah and Shardae Hasan, Epoch Tribe produces live on-stage original productions that share real stories of real people and real communities. Their work is rooted in home, legacy, sisterhood, Blackness, faith, freedom, and community. 

In 2021, Epoch Tribe was the founding organization that led the efforts for a groundbreaking week of arts, culture, and community-based organizations to celebrate Black women in Charlotte, Queen Charlotte Week. This included presenting Epoch Tribes’ widely celebrated and acclaimed production, I Am Queen: Charlotte, which–to date- has been performed for thousands in Charlotte’s most notable theaters. 

Since 2008, Epoch Tribe has produced an array of shows that highlight the true experiences of the people and places that call historically Black communities home. This work includes the award-winning storytelling series, Muddy Turtle Talks and This Land Is My Land. In addition to these shows, Epoch Tribe has been commissioned to develop and present storytelling productions virtually and in cities throughout the United States.

Shardae and Hannah both give their heart, soul, and unique talents to their productions. Shardae shines as a Creative Director managing set design, costuming, and other aspects of the creative vision for on-stage work. Offstage, that work includes business management and graphic design for marketing and promotions. Hannah shines as the primary contact with the people and communities whose stories are highlighted. She interviews them, develops the stories, and writes them to be performed on stage. She uses her unique talent of storytelling through spoken word poetry and public speaking to promote and share the vision of Epoch Tribe with the community. 

Epoch Tribe thrives with the help and support of artists, freelancers, and creative professionals who help the productions come to life on stage. Epoch Tribe has been supported through grant funding, corporate sponsorship, and other awards and in-kind gifts. As the company grows, it will continue to produce art that honors the stories and experiences of people and communities that are rich in culture, love, living history, and living legacy.

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